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Burlap coffee sack bag 25 ct


25 empty burlap coffee sacks(bags) 25-1ct. With this purchase you will receive 25 bags in excellent condition, no major rips or discoloration. The photo is of some of the coffee bags we roast, the bundle you receive may or may not contain the bags pictured. I try to make every bundle as interesting and colorful as our roasting allows. All the bags are quite strong, they come to us with 132# to 175# of green coffee in them. Each bag is 2 x 3 feet. Some bags are sliced to open them some will be destiched. Use the bags as decoration in your home or shop, in the garden as a tree wrap, to protect new grass seed, store tools, sack races, or as a really neat wrapping paper.

  • Model: 600101
  • Shipping Weight: 45lbs
  • Manufactured by: ARCO coffee company

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