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Discounts for payment methods

We offer discounts for some payment methods.

1. Instead of using a credit card, if you sign up for our Easy Pay eft: electronic funds transfer or some call it Automated Clearing House (ach) payments, we give a 2% discount from our website prices. You should contact us if you want to take advantage of this discount. We can offer this discount because we pass the average credit card processing fees that we would pay on to you the customer instead of paying those fees to American Express, Discover, Visa etc. This payment method requires a certain number of days for the payment to clear our bank. At this time, this payment method is only available to our customers in the United States.

2. You can also receive a 2% discount on any order over $1000 from our website prices if you wire the payment to our bank. This payment method is almost immediate up until 2 pm Central Standard Time. If you want a discount and want your order as soon as possible, the wire option is best.

You may send wires from countries other than the United States to our bank. Please ask for the details needed to do this.

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