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ARCO Traditional 1916 House Blend Coffee for K-Cup brewers 13 count


I enjoyed this full-flavored (lighter roast) coffee k-cup. I admit i am not any sort of coffee expert and personally my palate could not detect any kind of "nutty flavor"...however, i do agree that the coffee is refreshing. I can also say that these coffee k-cups did not have the bitter or burnt flavor that some brands of k-cups do.

On a side note, i have heard that if you want to make the water few degrees hotter when it brews (which some say brings out even more flavor), then you can brew a "water only" cycle (which "preheats" the brewer) prior to running a cycle with the k-cup.

I personally liked the flavor even more when i used this method but customers are invited to decide for themselves which they prefer.

I would recommend this to others.
Date Added: 02/19/2018 by Joe Colangelo
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