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ARCO Donut House Bold for K-Cup brewers 13 count


Prior to discovering the Arco Coffee brand, I have sampled my share of a variety of k-cup brands. Some have been bland, bitter, smokey, too citrus-y ,etc.

I am happy to report that this blend of coffee is none of those things. I am not a coffee expert but I can say that this is a great cup of coffee. It is smooth and the fact that the coffee in the k-cup is fresh also makes a difference. i feel that The coffee also stands up well to having milk and sugar added to it , which is how i like to drink my coffee.

Everyone has a different sensitivity to caffeine and I personally think the "caffeine kick" in this coffee is just a nice pleasant "buzz" without giving me the jitters.

I would definitely recommend this coffee.
Date Added: 03/10/2018 by Joe Colangelo
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