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ARCO Breakfast Blend coffee 12 oz
[2930250 grd 2930253 wb]


I order top-rated coffees from various sites about once a month in order to enjoy a variety of coffees. At the same time, I also place an order to ARCO Coffee for Breakfast Blend, Kona Blend or 100% Kona. I spend $50 to $100 a month on mail-order coffees. ARCO Coffee always tastes freshly roasted and the most delicious. It has the best aroma and best flavor start to finish. I've tried probably something approaching a hundred different coffees by now, and none are more likely to please my taste buds better than ARCO. To tell the truth, I keep thinking that I'll surely find a coffee I like more than my ARCO favorites, and so far I've found none. I'm sure one reason for that is my preference for a light- to medium-roast, which is how my favorite ARCO coffees are roasted. Darker roasts seem to be popular with "the professionals", but not with me. I like the beans roasted to the point where the oils are just about to be brought to the surface of the bean, so the distinctive flavors and aromas remain trapped within the micro-bubbles of the coffee oils. I don't like the roast to overpower the coffee essence. It's a pleasure to offer my friends and neighbors a cup of ARCO Coffee - one of life's best simple pleasures.
Date Added: 07/02/2006 by Thomas Clyne
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