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ARCO Supreme Dark Roast Coffee 2/12 oz 340.19 g twin pack


ARCO coffee's dark roasted Supreme Coffee has a unique flavor.
If you are a fan of dark roasts this is a coffee you may like to try. A rich full-bodied gourmet coffee. A QUALITY ARABICA ONLY COFFEE, ITS Recipe IS A CLOSELY GUARDED FAMILY SECRET.

Sold as a 24oz(680.4g) Twin Pack. Each Twin Pack has 2 12oz(340.19g) bags.

Each Twin Pack yields approximately 300, 5oz cups for about 4.5 cents per cup

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The roast of this coffee is similar to Folger's Black Silk coffee, although we like the flavor and aftertaste of our coffee better.

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  • Manufactured by: ARCO coffee company


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