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ARCO Original 1916 House Blend Coffee Filter Packs 2.25 oz 44 ct


ARCO coffee's original 1916 blend coffee c-filter packs 44/2.25 oz, smooth and rich. It has been pleasing people for over 100 years, so it must be good!

We are offering our Original House Blend, ground and packaged in its own filter for use in an 8 to 12 cup home or commercial coffee brewer.

This case contains 44 packages bold. These work great for camping, gifts, at the office or at home!

No Measuring needed, just put the bag into your brew basket. A perfect mild flavored pot every time. With filter packs, you eliminate the need to separate filter. You also eliminate the possibility of spilling messy grounds. Another advantage of filter packs is that they help keep your brewer cleaner over the long term. That means less work cleaning or less service calls. Another advantage is the green friendly benefit. With filter packs, the entire filter pack packaging and coffee is compostable after brewing. That means less expense for garbage service too.


ARCO Filter pack coffee brewing directions: 1. Keep the outer bag twisted closed To keep the packs fresh. 2. Put the filter pack in the funnel With the seam down. 3. Make sure the grounds are evenly spread across the bottom of the funnel. 4. Press the coffee in tight Especially around the edges.


We sell rectangular shaped brew baskets for many brands and models of coffee brewers. They fit our rectangular shaped filter packs better than round baskets and help you get the most flavor from the coffee. We also sell lower flow rate sprayheads (they look like a shower head) for many coffee brewers which affect the coffee strength. The ideal sprayhead can also help prevent overflowing of the brew basket, especially with softer water.


Many other pack sizes available. We make very mild, mild, medium, bold and very bold flavors now. We also offer a darker roast Scandinavian blend in filter packs. Please contact us for more flavors and sizes.


  • Model: 200060 C
  • Shipping Weight: 7lbs
  • Manufactured by: ARCO coffee company

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