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ARCO Norseman Grog Flavored Coffee 12 oz


ARCO coffee company's Norseman Grog (R) Flavored Coffee 12 oz (340.19 g). A vanilla, rum, and caramel trio gives added character to our fresh roasted Scandinavian Blend. Our number one flavored coffee seller. Yields approximately 96, 5 ounce cups at about 9 cents per cup. This comes in a heat-sealed valve bag with a tin tie. The heat seal makes the coffee airtight so it stays as fresh as possible. The one way valve in the bag lets air out of the bag, but not into the bag. Coffee gives off CO2 gas when it is roasted and ground. With the valve in the bag, we can pack the coffee immediately after roasting and the gas will escape rather than the bag exploding. The tin tie allows you to re-seal the bag and keep the coffee as fresh as possible. UPC 077114407506

  • Model: 2940753 grd 2940751 wb
  • Shipping Weight: 1lbs
  • Manufactured by: ARCO coffee company
  • Upc: 077114407506
  • Asin: B001KVXTTM


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