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$3.90 per square foot net price after all optional discounts, Terms apply to qualify for the lowest price. For RENT or LEASE. WAREHOUSE SPACE – 6,000 square feet $1,584.00 per month rent after all optional discounts. Contact ruby@arcocoffee.com or 1-800-283-2726. If you sign up for our auto pay, you save 5%. If you sign a 5 year lease, you save another 5%. If you keep the lease prepaid 12 months, you save 10%. If you keep it prepaid 6 months you can save 5%.

480 square feet of the space is a nice office space completed new in 2007. The office is wired for phone and cable. It has an independent outside access person door. 5,520 square feet of warehouse is connected to the office space. This area - the 480 sq ft office and the 5,520 sq foot warehouse space is a 6,000 sq ft total space that you can lock separately. Access 24 hours/7 days per week. If additional space is needed, there is up to 24,000 more square feet in a connected buildings. The door to the connected buildings is large enough for a forklift to drive through. There is BNSF rail service in the connected building. Zoned M2 industrial 2206 Winter Street, Superior WI 54880

Five minute drive from downtown Duluth, Minnesota on Wisconsin business highway #2 and about a three minute drive to I35 Interstate highway

Contact customer service for details or with any questions: ruby@arcocoffee.com, 1-800-CUE-ARCO (283-2726), 715-392-4771, FAX 715-392-4776

This 6,000 Sq. Ft. warehouse/manufacturing/office space was used as a refrigerated space/cooler/freezer in the past and is adjoining a 20,000 sq ft warehouse

  • a. electric dock height loading door-measuring 7'10" wide X 8'll" high
  • b. walk thru door to the adjoining 4,000 square foot space which was once used as a freezer
  • c. Equipto shelving, suitable for 40" x 48" pallets available
  • d. 15.8" ceiling height in the warehouse area and Spancrete concrete floor
  • e. Freon refrigeration system - can be used as an air conditioner
  • f. Heated-this space is well insulated. In 2004, a tenant spent only $264.00 to heat this space. There are two overhead forced air electric heaters. There is ductwork installed in this space which was used for make up air when the space was used as ice cream cone factory.
  • g. Restroom available
  • h. Water available. There is a natural gas water heater. On ARCO septic system so no sewer bills
  • i. Parking lot outside & adjoining interior parking area with electric garage opener is available as an option
  • j. Business services available including: LTL truck delivery receiving and shipping, we already have a daily pick up of UPS ground and USPS parcel shipments so you will can save that daily pick up cost, fax receiving and sending, receptionist; and fork lift and pallet jack rental
  • k. Long term lease options and discounts available.
  • l. 110 volt(v), 208 v, 240 v, and 480 v single or three phase electric service is available. 400 amp service.
  • m. real estate taxes are included in the rental price. This building is in a Small Business Administration Hubzone which enables a business to apply for HUBZone Empowerment Contracting Program. If you are a manufacturer in Wisconsin, your manufacturing equipment can be purchased without sales/use tax and the equipment is exempt from personal property tax
  • n. The space may be modified with our approval. This space is next to the ARCO coffee co. roasting facility and we are leasing our extra space. If you would like to rent on a month to month lease, rather than a year at a time, add 15% to the rental rates above.
  • o.This space has an exhaust fan mounted on the roof. We quote quadruple net lease prices after optional discounts and add in what you need, like heat.

    A side - by - side comparison of tax rates in the State of Wisconsin and Minnesota Minnesota Taxes Corporate Income Base: Net Income Rate: 9.8% Apportionment: 100% sales Alternative Minimum Tax Base: Alt. minimum taxable income Rate: 6.75% Personal Income Rates: 5.35% - 9.85% Property Base: Real property and a few select types of personal property, e.g. certain electric generating and transmission equipment. 2014 effective rate for industrial property is 3.12% of property value. Sales & Use State rate: 6.875% * Local option rate: 0% to 1.00% Combined rates: 6.875% to 7.875% Unemployment Compensation Base: $30,000 Rates: 0.10% to 9.0% New Employers: 1.76% or 9.0% depend- ing on experience rating of the industry Wisconsin Taxes Corporate Income Base: Net Income Rate: 7.9% (plus a economic development sur- charge equal to 3.0% for corporations with at least $4 million in gross re- ceipts (minimum surcharge $25; maximum $9,800) Apportionment: 100% sales Alternative Minimum Tax None Personal Income Rates: 4.00% to 7.65% depending up- on marital status and income Property Base: Real property and tangible per- sonal property (exemptions for machin- ery and equipment used in manufactur- ing; manufacturing, merchant and farm inventories; and computer hardware and software) Pay 2014 statewide average effective rate is $21.09 per $1000 of full value. Effective full value rate for property in Milwaukee County is $27.83 per $1,000. Average rate for all cities is $24.44/ $1,000. Sales & Use State rate: 5.00% * County option rate: 0.50% Stadium Taxes: 0.10% / 0.50% (Metro - Milwaukee / Brown County) Premier Resort Tax: 0.5% Bayfield, Eagle River, Stockholm; 1.25% in city of WI Dells and the Village of Lake Delton Combined rates: 5.00% - 6.60% Unemployment Compensation Base: $14,000 Rates: 0.27% - 12.00% New Employers: 3.6% New Construction: 6.60% Source: All States Tax Handbook; Tax Foundation; WI Department of Revenue; various reports W ISCONSIN VS M INNESOTA T AX R ATES * Wisconsin has sales tax exemptions for agricultural equipment, manufacturing equipment and consumables, pollution control equipment and production fuel and electricity. Minnesota has a refund mechanism for purchases of qualifying capital equipment and an exemption for farm machinery.

    WI VS MN WORKER’S COMPENSATION 2015 Wisconsin has one of the best worker’s compensation programs in the nation. A Wisconsin location, on average, can provide savings on worker’s compensation premiums, while buying more value. The rates listed for Minnesota are assigned risk only. Individual insurance companies and specific corporations set their own rates. Wisconsin rates are effective 10/01/14, while Minnesota rates are effective 04/01/15. All rates are per $100 of payroll. The 29 codes above are selected categories and are intended to provide an overview. If your business area is not listed, please contact Forward Wisconsin for more specifics. Code Industry Wisconsin is listed first, then Minnesota 2041 Candy Manufacturing $5.63 $6.88 2802 Carpentry Shop 5.50 4.95 2883 Furniture Mfg. 5.19 6.71 3022 Pipe/Tube Mfg. 10.08 7.54 3066 Sheet Metal Shop 4.90 10.29 3113 Tool Mfg. 3.20 4.46 3114 Tool Mfg. – Finishing 4.01 5.47 3179 Elec. Apparatus Mfg. 3.09 3.85 3400 Metal Goods Mfg. 6.08 7.95 3507 Agricultural Mach. Mfg. 5.62 6.24 3612 Pump/Engine Mfg. 3.25 3.66 3629 Prec. Machine Parts 3.85 3.77 3632 Machine Shops 4.29 7.01 3643 Elec./Trans. Equipment Mfg. 3.08 3.85 3685 Instrument Mfg. 1.46 1.65 4239 Paper Mfg. 3.68 4.02 4244 Corrug. Container Mfg. 2.70 5.75 4250 Paper Coating 3.22 3.14 4279 Paper Goods Mfg. 2.96 4.73 4299 Printing 2.57 4.68 4410 Rubber Goods Mfg. 5.74 6.85 4452 Plastic Fabricated Products 4.89 7.29 4459 Plastic-Sheets, Rods 3.57 5.01 4484 Plastics Mfg. Mold. Products 4.23 5.47 4611 Pharmaceutical Preparation 2.70 2.72 4902 Sporting Goods Mfg. 3.40 4.24 8601 Engineers 1.06 1.16 8742 Outside Salespersons .64 .77 8810 Clerical Office .27 .30 AVERAGE $3.82 $4.8

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