Newco PDS Flow Valve for low flow faucet MPN 110304


This is for getting consistent batches in a brewer over a wide range of
water pressures as well as maintain its volume setting for
many years within the harsh water environment that coffee
brewing equipment must operate. Newco PDS Flow Valve for low flow faucet. The low flow model has red tabs on it. 1/4" FL(flare) inlet, two 1/4" FL (flare) flow ftg. Newco calls this regulated output. In other words, this has one inlet and two outlets. This is the low water flow model and goes from close to zero gallons per minute up to 1/3 gallon per minute. Machines with a higher flow rate require different high water flow models. Machines with a coil faucet inside of the water tank use this model. For Newco K model. For Bunn C, CWTF, RTF, OLF models. For Brewmatic Lowboy models. For Bloomfield 8572 and Integrity models. MPN 110304.

The PDS flow control system is the result of many years of engineering effort to create a flow control
valve that would be accurate over a wide range of
water pressures as well as maintain its volume setting for
many years within the harsh water environment that coffee
brewing equipment must operate.
The valve has been designed to allow for adaptation
to all varieties of brewers, and is available in both a
low flow (0.04 GPM to 0.31 GPM) and high flow (0.42 to
1.38 GPM) model. Both models have adjustable flow
rates to any setting within the specified range. Other features
designed into the valve include and internal water
strainer, a non-regulated water supply for connecting to
independent faucets, and easy to adjust knob for setting
the flow rate, double O-ring swivel fittings to eliminate
leaks due to equipment being moved, and most importantly
a porcelain sleeve and piston assembly that is self
cleaning and cannot be affected by chemicals within the
water supply. The system has been designed to operate
over a wide range of water pressures, from 10 PSI to 70
PSI for low flow models and from 40 PSI to 110 PSI for
high flow models, with an accuracy of +/- 1%.
Why is this system so much better than the flow
controls used on existing brewers? Current flow technology
used in most timer operated brewers rely on a rubber
flow washer to regulate the water flow. These “flow
washers” operate over a pressure range of 20 to 80 PSI
with an accuracy of +/-5%.
A flow washer has a preset hole diameter in the
unpressurized state. When a solenoid valve opens allowing
water to flow through the system, water passes
through the flow washer. When the water pressure is
high, the washer’s conical side allows it to flex making
the hole in the washer smaller, which restricts the water
passing through. If the pressure is low, the durometer or
hardness of the rubber will prevent the washer from flexing,
keeping the hole diameter as large as possible.
Flow washers do a commendable job for the cost.
Most manufacturer’s sell these components for $1 to $3.
These flow washers however, due to the material in which
they are constructed, are subject to deterioration from
chemicals in the water. The small orifice of the flow
washer can become plugged from lime or sediment in the
water or ultimately become hardened. In both of these
cases this deterioration results in a lesser volume of water
being delivered for a brew cycle.
When you get too little water you and your customers notice
the reduced volume in the carafe and may also notice
that the coffee tastes too strong. This results in a service
call. Then a technician will either change the flow washer or adjust the
water volume by increasing the brew time. A pot may overflow or the coffee may be too weak if the amount of water is too great.

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