Newco Thermal Butler Brand Short Thermal Carafe 1.9 Liters


Say goodbye to that burnt taste from coffee being on the burner too long.

How important are drink QUALITY and VALUE to your customers… and What does it mean to you? Your customers expect quality and value for all of their food purchases - drinks are no exception. Are they really getting their money's worth ? An Independent Survey of 1,000 Consumers: Drink Consumers "Completely Agree" that this is how they would respond to poor drink quality: 57.7 % I would buy drinks there less often. 34.4 % I would eat there less often. Keep in mind that only 1 in 22 consumers will voice a complaint. So, each complaint represents 22 more people that want to say the same thing. What Does This Mean to You ? Lower Total Drink Sales. Consumer Dissatisfaction and possible traffic loss. Lower Check Average. Less Bottom Line Profit. Consumers Demand Quality and Value ... Make Your Customers Happy … and Make More Money at the Same Time! 57% don't order that item 30% don't frequent the location Coupled with only 22 in 100 people ever say anything.

Save electric costs and be more green. If you had a busy restaurant with 11 burners, you would save over $500 per year in electricity.

A restaurant open 15 hours per day and only closed on Christmas and Thanksgiving, would spend $45.73 per year per burner if electricity is 8.4 cents per kilowatt. After buying the pot, the savings would still be $5 per burner for the first year. After that, you keep saving $45 saving per year.

Save money on not throwing away over heated coffee.

Save potential insurance claim costs because: 1. these are safer serving because the bowls are cool on the outside. 2. These won’t shatter like a glass bowl. If one glass bowl broke, the insurance claim and potential bad press could be significant.

Save money because you don’t need to buy replacement glass bowls when the glass breaks.

Save the potential insurance claim if a burner is left on over night and bowl could boils dry and starts a fire.

Save the potential costs of cleaning a bowl that was boiled dry.

Have an easy way to bring coffee to another location without a burner.

If you are concerned that you won't be able to tell when to brew the next batch by sight, we have had experienced waitstaff tell us that they determine the approximate amount left in the server by weight. High quality Brushed stainless steel construction for longer field life

  • • Bru-Thru Lid offers convenience
  • • Non-breakable stainless steel vacuum liner
  • • Ergonomically designed handle provides easy pour action
  • Dimensions: 7.5"H x 6.6"Diameter
  • MPN 109115

    QINS SVP-1901A-N, ARCO 315874

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    • Model: MPN 109115
    • Shipping Weight: 4lbs
    • Manufactured by: Newco Enterprises, Inc.
    • Condition: new

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